Welcome to the C.H.I.P. flasher! It looks like you don't have the C.H.I.P. Flasher app installed in Chrome yet. Click the big [Add to Chrome] button below to get started. While you wait for the app to install, find a paper clip (or jumper wire), a USB cable to connect to C.H.I.P., and the C.H.I.P. you want to flash. Once the app installs, you may choose a flashing image to begin the flashing process. To flash a C.H.I.P. you first need to add the C.H.I.P. Flasher app to Chrome.

First Time setup

Flashing a PocketCHIP? Turn the power off, carefully remove the CHIP, and follow these instructions. Then, when prompted, select the PocketCHIP image.

To start Connect your CHIP's FEL pin to the GND pin... like this:

The FEL pin is connected to the GND pin

Next up Connect your CHIP to your computer using a USB cable... like so:

Connect CHIP to your computer using a USB cable
C.H.I.P. detected Reading details from it . . .‚Äč

Your CHIP details:

Serial #: NAND:
... ...

Choose an image flavor below to start the flashing process.

Flashing will download between 250MB-625MB of data. If you have a slow internet connection, it can take a very long time to finish. If your connection is slow, we recommend that you click on the "cloud" icon in the upper-right corner of the image you want, and download the file first. You can then use the "Choose a file..." option once it's downloaded.

Add to Chrome